5-Minute Semester Checklist


A new semester is just around the corner and it’s time to get GoReact set up and ready to roll for the first day of class.

Before you jump in, if you are using GoReact in Canvas you will need to follow a slightly different process. Check out our LMS Canvas Guide to get help with setting up GoReact.

Note: Never create the same course in your LMS AND on GoReact.com. This is the way of pain! Seriously, it really messes things up because of how LMS’s sync files and info. Pick one or the other and go with it!

Log in to GoReact (You can reset your password if you have lost or forgotten it).

Add your course(s) by clicking the “+ New Course” button. 

Note: If you’ve taught this course before, you can copy all the activities/assignments from your previous course using the “Copy Activities From A Previous Course” tool here.  

☐ Set start and end dates.

☐ Payment defaults to Student Pays unless your organization has set up an agreement with GoReact.

☐ Click “Create Course.”

Nicely done!

If you copied Activities from a previous course, take a minute to review them. Check the due dates, any instructions and/or settings.

Add new Activities/Assignments by clicking “+ New Activity.” Give this Activity a name, enter total PointsAvailable and Due Dates if you wish, and select an Activity TypeHere’s a look at more detailed info on Activity Types and Settings. 

If this activity is a test, you can check the “Test” box here. That will limit students to one submission and enable an optional time limit.

Finally, click “Create Activity.”

You’ll see options to customize the Activity with Recording Instructions or Feedback Instructions (which can be text or video) as well as some Settings like Peer Critique, All Comments Are Public, and Ratings. These options are covered in detail under Activity Setup.

The last two items, Rubrics and Markers, are resources you can create/customize for this Activity and store in your Library to be reused with other Activities or shared with others in your organization.

You can invite students in three ways:

  1. Direct students to GoReact.com where they can register themselves.
  2. Send/post a private Group Join Link. Get this link by clicking “Invite Users” and selecting your Course. Copy/paste the link to a place your students will see it (like a syllabus or course web page).
  3. Send an invitation directly via email. Inside the dialog with the Invite Link is an area where you can enter student emails. This will email a unique invitation to the student at their email address.

Review how to give feedback and grades.

Still need help? Contact support at goreact.com/support

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