GoReact Dashboard Released

OREM, UTAH (10 February 2012)

A new, simplified Dashboard for the GoReact online video analysis system is now available. All customers using the cloud-based GoReact service received the dashboard update automatically as part of their ongoing service.

After reviewing feedback from dozens of university faculty using GoReact, the new Dashboard was designed to simplify finding and viewing video recordings within a user’s account. Initial user feedback has been extremely positive.

“Teachers love having all the recordings accessible from one location, and their students can find anything they need without being tutored on the software,” said Ken Meyers, CEO of GoReact.

GoReact is essentially an online feedback management system oriented around video recording. While traditionally a presentation is recorded by a video system and paired with feedback forms, GoReact handles entire process online. Video is recorded via webcam, reviewers (including any number of peers) type comments and enter ratings either real-time or later, and the commented video is available instantly and securely to the presenter.

The GoReact system is useful in a number of instructional scenarios, including American Sign Language, public speaking, group presentations, mock interviews, student teaching practice, mock trials, and even performing arts.

GoReact was developed at Brigham Young University in 2010 as an online, multi-discipline video coaching tool. It was recently made available commercially for anyone to use in academic and corporate applications.

Run entirely in the cloud, GoReact offers an ideal video coaching and analysis tool for both classroom and professional environments. The system takes the usual hassles out of recording a learner for coaching or feedback by packaging everything together in one easy-to-use website—web recording, video management, live or recorded peer and instructor feedback, and time-coded comments and ratings along with structured rubrics.

GoReact is useful in a number of instructional scenarios, including public speaking and presentations, language teaching and interpreter training, teacher observations, sales training, performing arts coaching, mock interviews, courtroom and interrogation training, and more.

Instructor accounts are free with a 30-second signup at https://goreact.com.

About GoReact

GoReact was originally developed at Brigham Young University and pioneered live in-class presentation feedback using its patent-pending sync technology. Today, GoReact is the premier platform for video-based skill development across many disciplines, simplifying the lives of instructors and coaches who use video to improve performance-based skills for their students. For more information, visit goreact.com