GoReact storming ASL/Interpreting programs; Deaf rep hired

OREM, UTAH (4 February 2014)

Sign Language and interpreting programs everywhere have been jumping all over a new student video technology that finally offers the recording, reviewing, and synchronization features they’ve been begging for — all in an easy, affordable cloud-based system.

Just in 2013, an astonishing 40+ college ASL/interpreting programs and private interpreter training groups began using GoREACT.com for capturing student videos and reviewing them with time-coded feedback. Among those are important regional programs such as Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Western Oregon University.

Why so much buzz about GoReact? “This is the perfect product for ASL and interpreting instruction,” says University of South Florida program director Andrea Smith, who was one of the first ASL faculty to discover how ideal it was for her discipline. “It saves tons of time, and the software features resolved so many of the problems I had when attempting to grade student videos.”

To keep up with demand, the company recently added account executive Sam Harris to the team. Deaf himself, Harris can communicate natively with the many Deaf faculty who are using or evaluating GoREACT. He brings experience from prior marketing and account positions at Sorenson Communications and InterWest Interpreting.

“He’s been a terrific addition for us,” says Ken Meyers, founder and CEO. “Sam is extremely capable from a business standpoint, and he’s a great communicator. We’re excited to have him, and our Deaf customers have really appreciated having him available.”

The company has also been working hard to enhance GoReact to meet even more needs. First, in-stream video comments were added to enable Deaf faculty to sign their feedback to students. Then in fall 2013, the Source Media module was added, allowing for students to simultaneously watch a source video and record their interpreting response – all synchronized, and all in a web browser. Instructors report that this module alone replaces dozens of headache-inducing, hodge-podge solutions that have been used for years in interpreter education.

“The best feature of GoReact is the responsiveness of the developers,” says USF’s Smith. “They truly seem to care about needing the unique needs of the ASL and interpreting community.”

GoReact was developed at Brigham Young University in 2010 as an online, multi-discipline video coaching tool. It was recently made available commercially for anyone to use in academic and corporate applications.

Run entirely in the cloud from a browser, GoReact offers an extremely simple but powerful video coaching and analysis tool for both classroom and professional environments. The system takes the usual hassles out of recording a learner for coaching or feedback by packaging everything together in one easy-to-use website – web recording, video management, live or recorded peer and instructor feedback, and time-coded comments and ratings along with structured rubrics.

GoReact is useful in a number of instructional scenarios, including public speaking and presentations, language teaching and interpreter training, teacher observations, sales training, performing arts coaching, mock interviews, courtroom and interrogation training, and more.

Instructor accounts are free with a 30-second signup at https://goreact.com