Welcome to . . . (drumroll) . . . 1.7.

GoReact recently released some awesome new features. Here’s what we did.

Activity Types

After a lot of customer feedback we’ve reworked our Activities, starting with four Activity Types and a new Activity editor to make it easier than ever to get set up and ready. We’ve also added Activity video instructions and support for tests with timed sessions and no do-overs. Activity settings can be reviewed on your dashboard and are even while recording or providing feedback.


Files can now be attached by instructors to Activities as additional resources for presenters to consider and the presenters can add files to their sessions as well. Instructors can also add PDFs to their library. Files for everyone!

Student Registration

Lastly, students can now transfer from one course to another without calling Support! We’re all excited about this one because it saves time and hassle when a student needs to transfer and billing and other details need to be worked out.

Mobile App

Our iOS mobile app now sports an improved design and supports selecting additional presenters and background uploading so it’s easier than ever to get your videos into GoReact!


Improved billing handling to make sure that we take care of our customers even when they transfer courses, change ownership of sessions and when course payment settings change.

For those users who’ve stuck with us over the years, you can now review your transaction history with a new Billing Summary report.

For privacy reasons, we now make sure that rubric evaluations are only shown to the instructor and the presenter.